Tony Sanchez, Jr.


Tony Sanchez, Jr. | President of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc.

Tony Sanchez, Jr. was recently elected and currently serves as President of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc. with responsibility for leading the Florida Seminole Tribe’s economic development company. Prior to being elected President, Tony was the General Manager of the Seminole Casino in Immokalee. During his 12-year tenure, which began in 1999, the Seminole Casino experienced significant financial growth.

In his current role, Tony plans to diversify the Tribe’s economy by identifying and developing new business holdings. He seeks to increase Seminole business presence by significantly engaging in the marketplace. In addition he has made plans to redefine corporate transparency; develop strategic alliances; establish standard setting initiatives; create a stable business environment; and manage community relations.

Tony knows providing for the day includes preparing for tomorrow and actions taken today affect future generations of Tribal members. He believes that corporate progress through economic development must be carefully planned.

At a very young age, Tony recognized that hard work and education would be necessary for him to provide for his family and fellow Tribal members in the way his grandfather and other elders did. It has been his experience watching and taking part in service to his family and Tribe that lead him to believe in the importance of maintaining the Tribe’s sovereign presence and prosperity.

Tony earned a Bachelor’s from St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas in 1983. Since then, Tony has served his Tribe in various positions. Throughout his experiences, Tony has honed his business skills, turned economic and human resource limitations into profits. Over time, Tony has remained dedicated to his Tribe and its best interests. Tony respects his leadership position; leads with integrity; and proposes actions and decisions based on the best interests of the shareholder/members.

Tony highly values ethical leadership, and setting the right example. Tony’s vision for the Corporation and Seminole Tribe’s future success involves taking a stronger part in today’s ever-changing economy, being current and employing new trends and technology, while never forgetting and implementing respect for custom and tradition.