Randolph R. Zerra

Randy Zerra

Randolph R. Zerra | Project Executive

Project Executive for Seminole/Stiles

As a Project Executive, Randy is responsible for the overall success of the project from conception to completion. Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to Randy, who works closely with clients as a liaison to staff members to ensure timeliness and fiscal responsibility. Interacting with preconstruction and overseeing a team of project managers and superintendents, Randy assures effective communication between clients, designers, and field staff. He also prepares and tracks adherence to schedules and budgets, follows and supervises quality and safety control, and interfaces with subcontractors.


Randy has worked in the South Florida construction industry for 26 years. He began as a Laborer and was progressively promoted to Surveyor and Field Engineer before becoming a Project Executive. He has completed commercial, auto dealership, hotel, and office building projects, as well as public-sector assignments, such as water and waste water treatment plants. His experience in a wide variety of positions completing many types of projects gives Randy unique abilities that help him to excel in his position. He also utilizes his planning, time management, and scheduling expertise to ensure that projects are completed to the satisfaction of his clients.